Friday, June 22, 2007

Why shouldn't I cling to You?

Why shouldn't I cling
To you?

I was nothing
You made me.

A being
Of little substance
I am in earthly eyes...
By all accounts
A nothingness...
Miraculous then how
I am mentioned
In heaven!

I was alone,
Wandering in the dark
And in a raiment
Of sparkling light
You bathed me.

The human in me
Desired an exemplar
And Muhammed,
the ideal being
Into my life came.

I falter
By the second...
Need constant telling
So you speak to me.

I stumble again
Then there You are
To the rescue!

To my clumsy babble
I hear You if they
Were bejeweled with wisdom...
How you relish the
Screechy whimpering
Mixed with the salt
Of my myriad flaws!

And when sadness disrupts...
Amazing how gratitude
Fills the void;
Why shouldn't I cling
To you?

@ Safi Abdi, all rights reserved.


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