Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Days numbered,
cases mourn
The impatient
at the inception worn.
If all our dilemmas
were sweet darlings
Many a claw would dig in the dirt
like sand ducklings;
It follows that our causes
would then nest kneeling.
But Day follows, too,
in the horizon’s darkening.
And calamities are puffed up
by the sun’s kneading.
The merciful Lord has His ways,
Lean years
Bitter pills
...ingredients unflattering...
Aren't these for streamlining?
Passages narrowed
for our fattened calves for realigning?
The merciful Lord has His ways,
Rather needless,
the impatient us are always saying
In the eyes of the ease-loving
horribly taxing.
Yet, who knows best as
to how to polish up the waning
Or can best tie that knot
in the oblivion missing?

Copyright (c)Safi Abdi, 2006, All Rights Reserved.


  1. Magical poem ...loved it


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