Friday, May 18, 2007

I revisit my love

After 13 years of persecution and mistreatment in Mecca the prophet of Islam and his companions migrated to Medina. The people of this city (named by the prophet “the helpers”) had pledged to protect the prophet and assist him in his struggles to establish the truth and it’s here that the prophet spent the last 10 years of his mission and the first community of Muslims were firmly established. Even after securing Mecca and purifying the house of God (the Kaba) from idol-worship the prophet lived on in Medina until his death and was buried in this mosque on the spot he died. Millions of Muslims visit this Mosque each year to visit their prophet. The prophet’s mosque is the 2nd holiest shrine in Islam.


Days of joy and love true
A sacred track my steps
Devotion divine
for peace to reign
In the way of God
no toil’s too great
It’s here in this town
my beloved reclines
Within these walls
a piece of heaven lies
By the meadows
of paradise
I revisit my love
To praise the Lord
as he’d have me do.

@ Safi Abdi, all rights reserved.

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