Friday, May 18, 2007

Peace for the world

Come in speed, Friend to this being in need
Grasp this hand stretching wide
Treat your senses to the fragrance of peace
Hop onto this wagon of hope before we miss the boat.

We tarried for too long in the rags of dispute
Impaired our sight in the dusky zone
And lost our ways in combat fatigue.

Come quickly to this friend in need
Listen to this voice above the din risen
Catch this light put forth for you and me
Cast off these fraying sheets scratching my back
In the showers of Summer bathe freely with me.

Hop onto this wagon of desire burning anew
Come share this shade in the gentle wood
Touch the blossom with tenderness
Our worlds let hearts united scale the heights
Leap into the arena of expectations grand
And soar with the birds free at last.

From the shackles of bonds man-made
On the changing winds let the hopeful ride
As we cuddle the star born anew
With an olive shoot let's write today
And let our verses on the milky way pour.
A dreamer that I am
But I study the seasons with an eagle's eye
And have witnessed a frosty stalk melt on a Sunny day

© Safi Abdi

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