Thursday, May 17, 2007


The stone pebble and the soil under his feet gentle
Grateful, delighting in every moment treaded
To the cave of light, soul eager as he retreated:
Read! The Arch Angel commanded.
Read! In the name of thy Lord!

By the Lord of the alalamin,
'To all the world a mercy' Rahmata lilaalamin!
by the One Merciful sent;
Rahmata lilaalamin!

Never for a moment severe
The rowdy with mildness he amended
Rahmata lilaalamin!
'A lamp spreading light', Siraajan munira!

Modest traveler for whom this world
a place of sacrifice sufficed…a servant
While the world under his feet pined
His own shoes he mended...a servant.

Piety he wore, poverty with pride chose, a servant,
he gave up himself, and all he had, a servant.

In his Name! in his Name!
All night long, supplicating
All night long, supplicating
All night long,
a servant in the Lord's way,
supplicating...a servant.

This son of Makka did ascend
To the Heavens in person did ascend;
an eye-witness to a glory awesome
yet on earth moved he gentle...a servant.

The exalted charcacter the Majesty crowned
The hand of God a spirit perfected.
Beloved of the Loving One and all those who walk upright.

The souls he stirred with happiness shined
The ideal human nation did evolve
under this builder of the hearts; a servant.

Let the ignorant say what may, it's lack of nearness,
Not knowledge that feeds on lies promulgated.

Know him, you shall love him.
The most praised
Between heaven and earth
His name's daily repeated:

Yaa Mustafa!
Your name's with the Lord's joined;
A celebration in the Heavens echoed.

From minarets and on mountain tops
In deep valleys and on the sailing ships
In needy hearts
And wherever the Lord resides
Your name's praised, Yaa Ahmed!
At the heights of fame and power

His tears of compassion
The lowest on heavenly wings to the Heavens soared.

Proud protector of women
Orphaned child and baby-girl…
A community of justice for all he founded
Slave and master in fellowship joined
Under his care all hearts rejoiced.

In the way of God he marched
Liberator of the sinner
In shinning armor fought he evil, relentless
In the face of corrupting forces, undaunted, a servant.

Those who find fault with Ahmed
Far removed are they from the person praised.

Sad indeed is the soul that disregards or
distances itself from this lamp of God.

Rahmata lilaalamin!
Siraajan munira!
Allahuma sali wasalim 'ala sayidina muhammad,
salla Allahu 'alaihi wassalim tasaliman kathira!

"Allah and His Angels send blessings on the Prophet: O ye that believe!
Send ye blessings on him, and salute him with all respect."
(Qur'an : 33:56)
@ Safi Abdi 2003, all rights reserved.

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