Saturday, May 12, 2007

A minute with the Maker

I love to be loved
So love Me,
I am Al Wudud The Loving.

I seek contentment
I am Al Mughni
Give Me your heart
And contentment shall be yours.

I wish to be kind
I am Ar Rauf,
Be My servant.

I crave knowledge
Become My companion.

I am afraid
Flee to Me!
Your life is in my Hands
I own the air
I order the heavens
The whole universe
Is under my Command.

Patience eludes me
I am As Subur, the Patient
Stay with Me.

I need to be guided
I am the Guide
Follow Me!

I want freedom
Become my Slave.

I want to know You…
Talk to Me
Say: O God! Yaa Allah!

Can I call you Adam?
Did Adam tell you he was Me?

Can I call you Jesus?"
Did Jesus tell you to worship him?"

I am puzzled…Where can I find you?
Call on Me! I am Allah! The-God!
Confuse Me not with My creation
And find Me you shall.

I am a sinner
I am Al 'Afuw!I plot out sins
Just return to Me!

I want peace
I am As Salaam! The Source of Peace
Submit and peace shall be yours!
@ Safi Abdi, all rights reserved.

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