Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Yaa Allah! Shall I ever know why...

Stars in my eyes that were so trim
My Somalia, my dreams, and that grim
I say, Allah! what an amazing trip!
If only I knew the why of that trick!

This is Your heaven
And there my spot
And there’s that rainbow
At every such grip.

Before the light
There’s the shade
Behind the mountain
There’s the plane.

There’s Great Musa
And there the learned Khidr
There’s the slaying of that guiltless child;
Or so it seemed to the eager Musa
Until absolute knowledge became the truce.*

This is Your heaven
And there’s my keenness
My dreams, my Somalia
And that grim realism
Actuality and hopes in collision
Ya Allah! Shall I ever know why the cactus tree
Teases the green grass?

@ Safi Abdi, all rights reserved.

* The Story of Musa (Moses) and Khidr is told in the Quran, for ref. please check: chapter 18, verses 60-82.

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